Languages in Calgary

Calgarians have identified close to 140 languages that are spoken as their mother tongue. View statistics on the highest percentage mother tongue languages in Calgary.

Diversity - knowledge of the official languages

Calgary Census Metropolitan Area, 2011
Distribution (%)
Total population1,205,170100.00
English only1,088,78590.3
French only1,0400.1
Both English and French89,3457.4
Neither English nor French26,0002.2
Source: Statistics Canada, 2011 Census

Diversity - language by mother tongue

Calgary Census Metropolitan Area, 2011
Distribution (%)
Total population1,205,175100.0
 Single responses1,178,38097.8
Non-official languages304,76025.3
 Punjabi (Punujabi)29,0252.4
 Chinese, n.o.s.26,9652.2
 Tagalog (Pilipino; Filipino)26,5552.2
 Persian (Farsi)6,4900.5
 Other non-official languages3,8350.3
Multiple responses26,7952.2
 English and French2,9750.2
 English and non-official language22,2251.8
 French and non-official language1,0450.1
 English, French and non-official language5450.0

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