Calgary is more than just a city

Calgary's citizens enjoy a lifestyle envied by many. The City Region has all the benefits of a large metropolitan and sophisticated centre enjoyed in a relaxed and friendly lifestyle typical of Calgary's legendary western hospitality. Calgary's dynamic and innovative spirit, superior workforce, and clean and safe environment make Calgary a world-class city and a global business choice.

What is the Calgary Region?
The Calgary Region is made up of the 15 communities that surround the city. These communities are comprised of towns and cities of different geographic and population sizes. This region represents a diverse economic environment that includes: agriculture; manufacturing; transportation and logistics; film, television and creative industries; and conventional and unconventional energy. Calgary's geographic location and size makes it a major urban centre for the southern half of the province of Alberta.

Calgary Regional Partnership
The Calgary Regional Partnership (CRP) is a collaboration of municipalities that solves regional issues through inter-municipal collaboration. The 15 member communities collaborate to create projects of value throughout the region. The CRP represents 1.2 million residents over 15,000 square kilometers of unique landscape. Experts project an additional 1.7 million people and approximately 800,000 new jobs will come to the Calgary Region.

Fonte: Calgary Economic Development

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